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May 2, 2019
Fortnite Arachne skin

Weave a web to victory

Key features

Skin nameArachne
How to get itItem Shop
Price2000 V-Bucks
Skin release dateOct 21, 2018


Arachne is a Fortnite Legendary skin for female avatars. It is intimidating, imposing and terrifying. Female figure with a spider-inspired garment and predominant black color. This girl is not fit for arachnophobics will spread terror and audacity to achieve her goals. She will use her arachnid skills to build a network of victories.

In her torso carrying an attractive vest or leather jacket in black. A beautiful armor type of chest color black with red. On her hand’s gloves of black and steel armor. In her waist a leather belt to hold a sword that is in his side and a sort of white cloth. It works as a sort of skirt in order to proceed with black pants. With additions of steel, in its final part a black boots also with added steel.

Arachne helmet seeks to represent and symbolize an authentic Spider. It covers from the eyes to the whole top of the head, and predominantly black color with red decorations. The eyes with several red dots which seek to represent the intimidating look of a spider.
It’s the female version of Spider Knight.

How to get Arachne skin?

You can buy Arachne skin at Fortnite shop for 2000 V-Bucks.

Will Arachne come back?

Fortnite Arachne skin can come back to the Item shop. So, check it regularly.

  • Last seen: 27 Apr 2019.
  • First seen: October 21, 2018

Here’s all dates when it was avaiable in store:

Date of appearance in Item ShopPrice
27 April, 20192000 V-Bucks
25 March, 20192000 V-Bucks
23 February, 20192000 V-Bucks
30 December, 20182000 V-Bucks
29 November, 20182000 V-Bucks

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How to draw Arachne?

Arachnid set

Here’s a list of items from Arachnid set:

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