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Uncommon commando outfit.


Commando is an uncommon outfit for female avatars in Fortnite Battle Royale. It is a simple, military-looking skin with an outfit in which an evident black color predominates in combination with green. This skin is a military type, which seeks to convey the simple appearance of an explorer soldier in search of adventures.

In her torso, you can see a piece of black simple sleeveless accompanied by a few black straps on the edges and a collar plate in its central part. On her hand’s black gloves, followed by a futuristic bracelet. On her waist, you can see a belt of a classic look. Then observing a green pant, decorated in her right leg by two black rings. At the end black military boots.

She is basically a white woman with a nice face and hair type ponytail of a dark brown color.

It’s a medium-low popularity skin in Fornite Battle Royale.

In short, Fortnite Commando skin presents an identical design to the Pathfinder female skin. But Commando outfit with a different color theme, much darker. This outfit features a black sleeveless shirt and a pair of dark green pants. The outfit also comes with a pair of dark boots and gloves, along with the iconic military name tag.

In the relentless realm of Fortnite, the Commando skin stands as a resolute figure of unwavering determination and strategic prowess. Adorned in a tactical ensemble that blends functionality with an air of stoic authority, this skin exudes an aura of battle-hardened expertise that’s impossible to ignore.

Dressed in a sleek and form-fitting combat suit, the Commando skin is a testament to the belief that efficiency and style can coexist. The muted tones and carefully placed armor panels give a nod to the practicality of a battle-ready outfit, while the attention to detail and subtle accents highlight the meticulous nature of a true strategist.

With eyes sharp and unwavering, the Commando exudes a sense of focus that transcends the chaos of the battlefield. Every movement carries the precision of a seasoned warrior, ready to strike with calculated accuracy and seize control of the situation. The posture exudes both confidence and restraint, a reminder that power lies not just in brute force, but in the ability to read and anticipate every move.

The Commando skin is not just an embodiment of raw might; it’s a symbol of tactical acumen. The emotes and animations bring this expertise to life, showcasing an ability to adapt and improvise even in the most challenging scenarios. From swift and strategic dances to gestures that mirror a leader rallying their troops, every action underlines the Commando’s role as a linchpin in the midst of combat.

On the battlefield, the Commando skin is a figure of reliability. Whether it’s storming through the trenches or orchestrating a calculated retreat, this skin exemplifies the art of adaptability and survival. The look in their eyes carries the weight of countless battles, reminding all that they’ve seen it all and emerged stronger.

The Commando skin serves as a powerful reminder that in the midst of chaos, the essence of victory often lies in the ability to remain composed, analytical, and resolute. It’s a representation of those who don’t just charge blindly, but who navigate the challenges with a calculated mind and a steady hand. With the Commando as your chosen persona, you’re not just a combatant; you’re a strategist, a guardian, and a beacon of unwavering resolve in the ever-shifting storm of Fortnite.

How you rate this Fortnite skin?

Rating 2 / 5. Vote count: 1

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Skin Details


πŸͺͺ Skin name:  Commando
πŸ—‚οΈ Type: Outfit
🟑 Rarity: UNCOMMON
πŸ›οΈ Battle Pass:
πŸ›οΈ Price (V-Bucks): 800
πŸ—“οΈ Release Date: 2017-11-11
πŸ—“οΈ Last Seen: 2023-10-03
πŸ†” ID: CID_016_Athena_Commando_F
Introduced in Chapter 1 - Season 1.

Item Shop History

Appearance in the Item ShopDays ago
October 3rd, 2023 197 Days ago
August 30th, 2023 231 Days ago
July 6th, 2023 286 Days ago
May 11th, 2023 342 Days ago
March 15th, 2023 399 Days ago
February 3rd, 2023 439 Days ago
December 12th, 2022 492 Days ago
November 5th, 2021 894 Days ago
September 27th, 2021 933 Days ago
August 25th, 2021 966 Days ago
July 13th, 2021 1009 Days ago
June 10th, 2021 1042 Days ago
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March 13th, 2021 1131 Days ago
February 13th, 2021 1159 Days ago
January 11th, 2021 1192 Days ago
December 7th, 2020 1227 Days ago
November 3rd, 2020 1261 Days ago
September 25th, 2020 1300 Days ago
August 27th, 2020 1329 Days ago
August 4th, 2020 1352 Days ago
July 12th, 2020 1375 Days ago
June 16th, 2020 1401 Days ago
May 17th, 2020 1431 Days ago
April 12th, 2020 1466 Days ago
March 17th, 2020 1492 Days ago
February 16th, 2020 1522 Days ago
January 22nd, 2020 1547 Days ago
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September 22nd, 2019 1669 Days ago
September 3rd, 2019 1688 Days ago
August 11th, 2019 1711 Days ago
June 25th, 2019 1758 Days ago
May 29th, 2019 1785 Days ago
March 22nd, 2019 1853 Days ago
February 12th, 2019 1891 Days ago
January 8th, 2019 1926 Days ago
December 26th, 2018 1939 Days ago
November 27th, 2018 1968 Days ago
November 14th, 2018 1981 Days ago
October 22nd, 2018 2004 Days ago
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November 18th, 2017 2342 Days ago
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November 14th, 2017 2346 Days ago
November 11th, 2017 2349 Days ago

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