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Dark Vanguard

July 3, 2019
Dark Vanguard fortnite skin

Dark Vanguard is a Legendary rarity Fortnite skin (Outfit). You can get it from the Item Shop. This skin is included in the Space Explorers set. This outfit was released on April 8, 2018.

Exploring the outer limits.

Key features:

NameDark Vanguard
How to getItem Shop
Price2000 V-Bucks
SetSpace Explorers
Release dateApril 8, 2018
Last seen dateJanuary 29, 2019

Here we have collected Fortnite Wallpapers, PNG pictures, Item Shop History & Coming back information.

Who is Dark Vanguard?

Dark Vanguard skin gameplay & overview

Dark Vanguard is a legendary outfit for female avatars in Fortnite: Battle Royale. This outfit specially designed for lovers of space. Its made for those in which arouses a high-interest everything related to cosmology. It has the appearance of an astronaut.

In her torso, she has a bright orange vest with a futuristic appearance with black details. Her upper extremities are striking as they are presented in black color but adorned with those that appear to be bright violet neon lights accompanied in her final part with black gloves. Her futuristic style trousers in black color with some species of bronze rings surrounding the central part of the thigh. And in its final part, medium height boots of black color adorned with bright violet neon lights.

As the main attraction is the head in which stands out a helmet in the style of a modernist black astronaut giving it that dark and clandestine air that also characterizes this skin.

It is a very attractive skin for the opinion of many players. It is gained by this appearance of space astronaut also adhering to a dark and clandestine style with striking touches, is moderately popular within the Fornite.

In short, The Dark Vanguard skin of Fortnite Battle Royale represents an outfit in the Pure Space style, of predominant black color, full body and adjusted to the skin with an orange vest. The skin also features a brilliant astronaut helmet totally closed with predominantly black color and black glass that decorates the entire front of the helmet.

How to get Dark Vanguard?

If you think where to buy it, you can buy this outfit in the Item Shop when it appears.

How much it worth?

Cost: 2000 V-Bucks.

How rare is Dark Vanguard?

It’s Fortnite Legendary rarity skin.

Will Dark Vanguard come back?

It can come back in the shop. So, check it regularly.


Official PNG pictures with a transparent background:


Click on the pictures to download Dark Vanguard Wallpaper in high resolution.


Dark Vanguard Gameplay video in YouTube:

Fortnite Dark Vanguard skin gameplay video

How to draw Dark Vanguard?

Here’s Dark Vanguard drawing step by step:

Dark Vanguard easy drawing

Space Explorers set

This skin included in the Space Explorers set. Below you can see a list of cosmetic items from this set:

Other cosmetic items will be added soon.

Item shop history

Here are the dates when Dark Vanguard was last time in store:

  • Last seen date:
  • First seen date:
Previous return datesPrice
29 Jan 20192000 V-Bucks
04 Dec 20182000 V-Bucks
10 Oct 20182000 V-Bucks
29 Aug 20182000 V-Bucks



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