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This good boy is not afraid to bare his teeth.


Growler Fortnite skin is a male outfit presents a person with a fish head and dog hood. The man is wearing a grey one-piecer with greyish insets and foot pockets. There is a blue jacket with a dog hoot, but it is blue as well. (Where have you seen a blue dog?) But the most interesting thing is what is under the hoot โ€“ it is a fish, supposedly, piranha, because of a form and length of her sharp teeths. Piranha is red, so are her neckpiece and a tally stick on the dogโ€™s left ear. The outfit looks even scarier because of piranhaโ€™s yellow luminous eyes. But the funny thing is this doggy fish wears sports shoes. And it actually fits his one-piecer, because it is also blue. It is not a good boy, definitively.

Growler skin, the untamed embodiment of primal energy and unyielding determination in the wild world of Fortnite. Emerging as a figure of fierce prowess, this skin captures the essence of a player who prowls through the battlefield with an aura of savage charm and resolute resolve.

Draped in an outfit that seamlessly fuses the aesthetics of a primal hunter with a touch of raw intensity, the Growler’s presence is a testament to the convergence of wild might and strategic acumen. His attire blends the textures of rugged fabrics with primal details, creating an ensemble that mirrors the equilibrium between untamed ferocity and battlefield readiness. From the feral cloak that drapes his form to the meticulously designed motifs that exude the essence of the wild, every detail exudes an aura of both fierce charm and unwavering determination.

Behind the piercing gaze in his eyes, he holds the secrets of strategic strategy and the unyielding resolve of players who navigate the battlefield with unwavering focus. His demeanor is a symphony of calculated precision and primal intensity, a reminder that every battle is an opportunity to showcase the power of strategy and the savage mastery of the wild. When he emerges onto the battlefield, it’s as if the very surroundings transform into a wilderness, creating an atmosphere of fierce authority.

In his hand, he wields a weapon that mirrors his primal origin, a manifestation of the wild might and calculated precision he embodies. The weapon’s design fuses the aesthetics of primal weaponry with the force of a weapon, ready to strike with the precision of a figure who understands the delicate balance between primal ferocity and impact.

Growler’s skin is a canvas of wild brilliance, a tribute to the hunters who thrive on primal energy and the calculated energy that guides their actions. From the intricate patterns etched onto his attire to the fierce symbols that adorn his gear, every detail captures his connection to the untamed landscapes he traverses.

He’s a symbol of the unyielding spirit that defines primal mastery. His presence on the battlefield is a reminder that even amidst battles, there’s a realm of primal strategy waiting to be harnessed, a reminder that even in the most intense of conflicts, the power of savage intensity and calculated moves can lead the way.

In our opinion, choosing the Growler Fortnite skin is to embrace the spirit of primal excellence, to channel the energy of untamed prowess and become a living embodiment of the fierce spirit that defines true hunters. With every calculated move you execute, every strategic decision you make, you channel the unwavering energy of a player who conquers challenges with a touch of primal determination. Growler is not just a skin; he’s a testament that even in the midst of battle, the wild heart prevails.

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Skin Details


๐Ÿชช Skin name:  Growler
๐Ÿ—‚๏ธ Type: Outfit
๐ŸŸก Rarity: Epic
๐Ÿ›๏ธ Battle Pass:
๐Ÿ›๏ธ Price (V-Bucks): 1500
๐Ÿ—“๏ธ Release Date: 2018-11-09
๐Ÿ—“๏ธ Last Seen: 2023-11-26
๐Ÿ†” ID: CID_264_Athena_Commando_M_AnimalJackets
Introduced in Chapter 1 - Season 6.
Part of the Animal Jackets set.

Item Shop History

Appearance in the Item ShopDays ago
November 26th, 2023 3 Days ago
September 2nd, 2023 88 Days ago
August 4th, 2023 117 Days ago
June 26th, 2023 156 Days ago
May 25th, 2023 188 Days ago
April 7th, 2023 236 Days ago
March 6th, 2023 268 Days ago
January 27th, 2023 306 Days ago
January 26th, 2023 307 Days ago
December 26th, 2022 338 Days ago
November 24th, 2022 370 Days ago
August 19th, 2022 467 Days ago
August 18th, 2022 468 Days ago
July 13th, 2022 504 Days ago
November 28th, 2021 731 Days ago
October 4th, 2021 786 Days ago
August 26th, 2021 825 Days ago
July 26th, 2021 856 Days ago
June 12th, 2021 900 Days ago
May 1st, 2021 942 Days ago
March 16th, 2021 988 Days ago
February 19th, 2021 1013 Days ago
January 17th, 2021 1046 Days ago
November 11th, 2020 1113 Days ago
September 16th, 2020 1169 Days ago
August 11th, 2020 1205 Days ago
June 25th, 2020 1252 Days ago
May 21st, 2020 1287 Days ago
April 4th, 2020 1334 Days ago
February 20th, 2020 1378 Days ago
January 15th, 2020 1414 Days ago
November 18th, 2019 1472 Days ago
October 9th, 2019 1512 Days ago
September 3rd, 2019 1548 Days ago
August 5th, 2019 1577 Days ago
June 13th, 2019 1630 Days ago
May 14th, 2019 1660 Days ago
April 16th, 2019 1688 Days ago
March 15th, 2019 1720 Days ago
January 21st, 2019 1773 Days ago
December 11th, 2018 1814 Days ago
November 9th, 2018 1846 Days ago

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