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It's time to strike back.


Payback is a relentless and vindictive presence that storms into the intense world of Fortnite with an air of fierce retribution and an aura of unwavering determination. This skin embodies the essence of settling scores, fusing vengeful spirit with an aura of resolute justice that captures attention and reflects the spirit of a true avenger seeking recompense.

Payback’s visage is a canvas of resolute features and captivating allure, with eyes that hold the glint of steely resolve and a touch of smoldering intensity. Their gaze reflects the unwavering commitment to righting wrongs and the aura of someone who navigates the world with a burning desire for justice.

Within the depths of Payback’s gaze, the power of vindictive determination and the allure of retributive purpose come alive, reflecting the timeless essence of a seeker of retribution and the stories of injustices overturned by unyielding will. Their eyes hold the essence of unshakeable conviction and the captivating allure of someone who stands up against adversity with the strength of a true avenger.

Their attire mirrors the very fabric of resolved vengeance, with clothing that drapes like the armor of a determined warrior and patterns that evoke the textures of smoldering embers and iron resolve. Every piece of clothing seems to carry a touch of relentless energy, reminiscent of the fires of retribution and the unyielding strength they exude.

Every movement made by Payback is a dance of unyielding purpose, a choreography that mirrors the determined steps of one who seeks to settle the score. As they traverse the Fortnite battleground, an aura of resolute energy seems to envelop them, a recognition of their role as a bringer of retributive justice and the aura of unrelenting determination they emit.

Payback’s presence serves as a reminder that within the realm of resolute vengeance and unwavering justice lies the potential to right the wrongs of the world. This skin beckons you to embrace the spirit of unyielding resolve, to navigate the currents of challenges and opportunities with unwavering determination, and to emerge as a true Payback, a symbol of retribution and justice on the ever-evolving canvas of Fortnite.

In general, Payback is a female outfit presented by a beautiful young woman. Her white hair with blue hair tips is gathered in two sloppy braids with two golden jewelry.

She has purple mask covering the lower part of her face. There is a red paintings near her eyes; and her eyes are red as well. They are shining with bravery and brutality. She is wearing white jacket with red edging and a steel protection with some picks on her shoulders. On her back she has a white and purple backpack. Under the jacket she puts on skinny purple shirt fixed with some black straps. On her hands she has purple gloves and metal brass knuckles with spikes.

Below she is wearing skinny white trousers fixed with black belt with some golden chains. On her knees there are purple knee pads with spikes. Finally, she has red and black comfortable sneakers on her feet.

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Skin Details


🪪 Skin name:  Payback
🗂️ Type: Outfit
🟡 Rarity: RARE
🛍️ Battle Pass:
🛍️ Price (V-Bucks): 1200
🗓️ Release Date: 2019-09-17
🗓️ Last Seen: 2023-02-23
🆔 ID: CID_524_Athena_Commando_F_FutureBikerWhite
Introduced in Chapter 1 - Season X.
Part of the RPM set.

Item Shop History

Appearance in the Item ShopDays ago
February 23rd, 2023 214 Days ago
January 13th, 2023 255 Days ago
January 12th, 2023 256 Days ago
December 12th, 2022 287 Days ago
September 20th, 2022 370 Days ago
August 21st, 2022 400 Days ago
August 20th, 2022 401 Days ago
June 12th, 2021 835 Days ago
March 22nd, 2021 917 Days ago
January 24th, 2021 974 Days ago
October 4th, 2020 1086 Days ago
September 11th, 2020 1109 Days ago
August 14th, 2020 1137 Days ago
July 27th, 2020 1155 Days ago
June 23rd, 2020 1189 Days ago
May 27th, 2020 1216 Days ago
May 1st, 2020 1242 Days ago
March 21st, 2020 1283 Days ago
February 6th, 2020 1327 Days ago
January 11th, 2020 1353 Days ago
November 29th, 2019 1396 Days ago
October 26th, 2019 1430 Days ago
September 18th, 2019 1468 Days ago
September 17th, 2019 1469 Days ago

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