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Adorably mysterious.


Bachii is a harmonious and enchanting presence that graces the world of Fortnite with an air of musical wonder and serene elegance. This skin embodies the essence of melodic beauty, fusing artistic grace with a touch of ethereal enchantment that captures the imagination and resonates with the spirit of creative expression.

Bachii’s visage is a canvas of artistic features and captivating allure, with eyes that seem to hold the depth of creative inspiration and a touch of serene wisdom. Their gaze reflects an air of contemplation and the allure of the harmonies that linger in the air.

Within the depths of Bachii’s gaze, the magic of melodies and the beauty of artistic creation come alive, reflecting the enduring essence of music and the emotions that it invokes. Their eyes hold the essence of creative intuition and the captivating allure of someone who finds solace in the world of artistic expression.

Their attire mirrors the very fabric of musical elegance, with clothing that drapes like the flowing notes of a symphony and patterns that evoke the graceful textures of harmonious composition. Every piece of clothing seems to carry a touch of melodic energy, reminiscent of the symphonies that define their persona.

Every movement made by Bachii is a dance of artistic grace, a choreography that mirrors the fluid motions of someone who navigates the world with the elegance of a musician’s touch. As they traverse the Fortnite battleground, an aura of creative energy seems to surround them, a recognition of their role as a conduit of artistic beauty and the aura of serene inspiration they emit.

Bachii’s presence serves as a reminder that within the realm of artistic expression and creative passion lies the potential to touch hearts and inspire minds. This skin beckons you to embrace the spirit of creativity, to navigate the currents of artistic inspiration and opportunities, and to emerge as a true Bachii, a harmonious muse on the ever-evolving canvas of Fortnite.

So… Bachii is a female outfit presented by a young woman. Her face is covered with the white and pink mask where two narrow eyes painted. She has a short haircut and a forelock; her hair is black. She is wearing a sleeveless T-shirt, which seems to consist of two parts. One part of it is pink and like a crop top from solid material to protect a chest. A high collar with a little white circle in the center of it also protects her neck well. The other part is from gray elastic fabric and connects the β€œcrop top” with the leggings which she is wearing on her legs. The inner side of the thigh on the leggings is white and embossed, and the outer side from bottom to top changes from blue to pink. She also has a backpack with the same color gradient. There are cute white ballet shoes decorated with beautiful beads on her feet. In addition, she has long pink boxing gloves with white hieroglyphs painted on them.

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Skin Details


πŸͺͺ Skin name:  Bachii
πŸ—‚οΈ Type: Outfit
🟑 Rarity: RARE
πŸ›οΈ Battle Pass:
πŸ›οΈ Price (V-Bucks): 1200
πŸ—“οΈ Release Date: 2019-07-30
πŸ—“οΈ Last Seen: 2023-09-01
πŸ†” ID: CID_471_Athena_Commando_F_Bani
Introduced in Chapter 1 - Season 9.
Part of the Battle Bun set.

Item Shop History

Appearance in the Item ShopDays ago
September 1st, 2023 23 Days ago
August 2nd, 2023 53 Days ago
June 30th, 2023 86 Days ago
May 28th, 2023 119 Days ago
April 7th, 2023 170 Days ago
January 1st, 2023 266 Days ago
November 12th, 2022 316 Days ago
October 6th, 2022 353 Days ago
August 14th, 2022 406 Days ago
July 15th, 2022 436 Days ago
March 14th, 2022 559 Days ago
February 12th, 2022 589 Days ago
January 11th, 2022 621 Days ago
December 10th, 2021 653 Days ago
November 2nd, 2021 691 Days ago
October 3rd, 2021 721 Days ago
September 3rd, 2021 751 Days ago
August 4th, 2021 781 Days ago
June 26th, 2021 820 Days ago
June 23rd, 2021 823 Days ago
May 22nd, 2021 855 Days ago
April 14th, 2021 893 Days ago
March 14th, 2021 924 Days ago
February 14th, 2021 952 Days ago
January 13th, 2021 984 Days ago
December 13th, 2020 1015 Days ago
November 17th, 2020 1041 Days ago
October 26th, 2020 1063 Days ago
October 5th, 2020 1084 Days ago
September 13th, 2020 1106 Days ago
August 12th, 2020 1138 Days ago
July 7th, 2020 1174 Days ago
June 2nd, 2020 1209 Days ago
July 31st, 2019 1516 Days ago
July 30th, 2019 1517 Days ago

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Battle Bun SET

  • Bachii

    Bachii is a harmonious and enchanting presence that graces the world of Fortnite with an air of musical wonder and…