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June 21, 2019
Calamity fortnite skin

Calamity is a Legendary rarity Fortnite skin (Outfit). You can get it from the Battle Pass Season 6. This skin is included in the Western Wilds set.

From ranch hand to righteous retribution.

Key features:

How to getBattle Pass Season 6
PriceBattle Pass
SetWestern Wilds
Release date27 Sep 2018
Last seen date12 May 2018

Here we have collected Fortnite Wallpapers, PNG pictures, Item Shop History & Coming back information.

Who is Calamity?

Calamity skin gameplay & overview

Calamity is legendary skin for female avatars in Fortnite. It is a beautiful, flashy and showy outfit. She is basically an imposing woman presented in her initial form in a common garment. But if unlock her final phase, she changes to the point of looking like some kind of dangerous and intimidating Hunter with an imposing appearance that makes her respectable even to the most amoral enemy.

In her final phase, there is a great black coat. It extends to the knees with a few patterns in bright purple. The coat is decorated with shoulder pads and forearms from thorns in its central part with a leather strap with bullets. Both hands covered with black gloves. In her waist a leather belt with steel buckle, which holds the bullets. Also, she wears a pair of black trousers with patterns. At the end decorated with medium-sized black cowboy boots with bright purple details.

On her head there is an imposing black hat with a bright purple strap that holds a steel buckle and also bullets, a red scalp is protruding from the hat and a female face is denoted covered by a black garment covering his mouth.

It is the female version of the Deadfire outfit.

In short, skin Calamity is a girl in a sleeveless T-shirt with a white v collar and mini shorts. When updated, the costume features a black vest, a western black hat, and a black bandana mask. This outfit features unlockable styles. Each unlocked style adds some features to the outfit, including a leather jacket and some complete equipment. When all styles are unlocked, the Calamity presents a black leather jacket ready for battle with bright purple contours in a fresh pattern, An ammunition bandolier and an aura of black smoke coming out of the avatar.

How to get Calamity?

This outfit was available as a reward from Tier 1 of Battle Pass Season 6.

How much it worth?

Battle Pass

How rare is Calamity?

It’s Fortnite Legendary rarity skin.

Will Calamity come back?

This skin was available during Season 6. Therefore, it is unlikely that the skin will return.


Official PNG pictures with a transparent background:


Click on the pictures to download Calamity Wallpaper in high resolution.


Calamity Gameplay video in YouTube:

Fortnite Calamity skin gameplay video

How to draw Calamity?

Here’s Calamity drawing step by step:

Calamity easy drawing

Western Wilds set

This skin included in the Western Wilds set. It contains Calamity Outfit, Deadfire Outfit, Dark Shard, and Reckoning Harvesting Tools, Shackled Stone Back Bling. Gliders: Covered Crusader, Crossfire, Dark Engine. Below you can see a list of cosmetic items from this set:

Other cosmetic items will be added soon.

Appearance history

Here are the dates when Calamity was last time available:

  • Last seen date: 12 May 2018



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