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Cutiepie outfit is an adorable and enchanting presence that skips into the Fortnite realm with an aura of sweetness and a presence that captures attention with its irresistible charm and captivating innocence. This skin embodies the essence of childlike wonder and the allure of spreading smiles, merging the spirit of youthful joy with an aura of heartwarming delight.

“Cutiepie” exudes an air of pure delight, dressed in an outfit that mirrors the colors of a rainbow. Their appearance carries an aura of infectious happiness, and their visage reflects the innocence of one who views the world with wide-eyed wonder. With every step they take, an aura of innocent energy surrounds them, and their eyes hold the sparkling allure of one who embraces life with unbridled enthusiasm.

Within the depths of “Cutiepie’s” persona lies the essence of embracing the simple joys and the charm of finding happiness in the little things. Their eyes hold stories of carefree adventures and precious moments, tales of turning everyday occurrences into sources of delight and cherishing the magic of being alive, and their presence resonates with an aura of joyful and heartwarming energy—a reminder that sometimes, all it takes is a warm smile to light up a room.

Every movement made by “Cutiepie” becomes a dance of endearing innocence—a choreography that mirrors the unspoiled purity of a child’s play. As they traverse the terrain, an aura of positivity and lightheartedness seems to envelop them, a recognition of their role as a bearer of joy and the aura of captivating allure they emit.

“Cutiepie” stands as a testament to the power of embracing the simple pleasures and the beauty of spreading happiness. This skin invites you to see the world through the eyes of a child, to find joy in the little moments, and to emerge as “Cutiepie,” a symbol of heartwarming cheer in the ever-evolving tapestry of Fortnite.

Fortnite Cutiepie is a female outfit presented by a big doll. Her head seems to be plastic, it is broken in many places and probably took part in many battles. She has short black haircut, happy smile, big black eyes pointed ears – this way she looks like an elf. On the top of her head, there is a pointed red head.

She has a red jumpsuit with a high collar which fixed on her body with many brown belts and straps, it is also torn off in some places and has many different patches. She also has some white bandages on her hands. Her shoulders are protected with steel armor with golden picks on it – the same as on her brown gloves with open fingers. She also has a brown waist bag and a strange electronic device fixed on her waist.

In conclusion, on her feet, she has high brown socks and a pair of black battered shoes.

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Skin Details


🪪 Skin name:  Cutiepie
🗂️ Type: Outfit
🟡 Rarity: RARE
🛍️ Battle Pass:
🛍️ Price (V-Bucks): 1200
🗓️ Release Date: 2019-12-25
🗓️ Last Seen: 2023-01-09
🆔 ID: CID_646_Athena_Commando_F_ElfAttack
Introduced in Chapter 2 - Season 1.
Part of the Nightmare Yule set.

Item Shop History

Appearance in the Item ShopDays ago
January 9th, 2023 403 Days ago
January 8th, 2023 404 Days ago
January 7th, 2023 405 Days ago
January 6th, 2023 406 Days ago
December 25th, 2022 418 Days ago
December 24th, 2022 419 Days ago
December 17th, 2022 426 Days ago
December 16th, 2022 427 Days ago
December 15th, 2022 428 Days ago
December 14th, 2022 429 Days ago
December 13th, 2022 430 Days ago
December 12th, 2022 431 Days ago
December 11th, 2022 432 Days ago
December 10th, 2022 433 Days ago
December 27th, 2021 781 Days ago
December 26th, 2021 782 Days ago
December 25th, 2021 783 Days ago
December 24th, 2021 784 Days ago
December 23rd, 2021 785 Days ago
December 22nd, 2021 786 Days ago
December 21st, 2021 787 Days ago
January 3rd, 2021 1139 Days ago
January 2nd, 2021 1140 Days ago
December 27th, 2020 1146 Days ago
December 26th, 2020 1147 Days ago
December 25th, 2020 1148 Days ago
December 24th, 2020 1149 Days ago
December 23rd, 2020 1150 Days ago
December 16th, 2020 1157 Days ago
December 15th, 2020 1158 Days ago
December 14th, 2020 1159 Days ago
December 13th, 2020 1160 Days ago
January 4th, 2020 1504 Days ago
December 25th, 2019 1514 Days ago

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