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In the realm of Fortnite, one skin stands as the embodiment of unwavering authority and overwhelming might — Dominator. This skin strides onto the battlefield with an aura of command, a visual testament to control and dominance.

Dominator is an uncommon outfit for female avatars in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It is a simple skin, it looks attractive, with clothing in which prevails an attractive combination of colors such as gray, white, orange and black, which seeks to convey the appearance of a warrior aspect to military or scout which has an attitude dominant reinforced by their physical appearance and their clothing.

In her torso, you can see a piece of grey color with printed or embroidered orange and white in the central part, without sleeves, accompanied by a few straps of black color in the edges. On her right arm an orange band, on her hand’s gloves of black color, followed by in right arm a bracelet. In her waist, you can see a belt of a classic look. Then observing a pant-type camouflage of white color with embroidery or prints in orange, decorated in her right leg by two black rings. At the end tall black boots with white decorations.

She’s basically a brunette woman with a nice face and short dark brown hair.

It’s a medium-low popularity skin in Fornite.

Adorned in armor that seems to be hewn from the very essence of strength, Dominator’s presence is akin to an unassailable fortress. Metallic plating encases their form, etched with intricate patterns that evoke a sense of technological sophistication and raw power. The armor glints under the sun, a reflection of the determination burning within.

The helm of Dominator exudes an air of enigma, a visage cloaked in mystery and purpose. Tinted visors shield their gaze, giving an impression of unwavering focus and tactical acumen. Within those eyes lies the spark of a leader, the embodiment of a strategist who surveys the battlefield with a keen intellect.

Their strides are measured, each step a statement of control and calculated movement. With a cape billowing in the wind like a banner of authority, Dominator’s silhouette is striking against the backdrop of the ever-changing Fortnite terrain.

Carried upon their back is a testament to their supremacy — a back bling that fuses advanced technology with an air of command. This emblem of power is not just an accessory; it’s a representation of their role as the leader, the focal point around which victory coalesces.

Dominator’s emotes aren’t mere movements; they’re a symphony of calculated gestures, exuding the aura of a commander who holds the strings of the battlefield in their hands. Victory poses are not celebrations, but a quiet assertion of their position as the undisputed leader.

Choose Dominator as your avatar, and you’re not just a player; you’re a force to be reckoned with. In the heat of battle, when the tides of victory seem uncertain, this skin is a reminder that leadership and control can tip the scales in your favor. In the world of Fortnite, where chaos and creativity reign, Dominator represents the art of mastering the game.

In short, Fortnite Dominator skin represents a shirt without steel grey sleeves and dirty white pants, both covered with white and orange details and patterns. The costume also comes with some black straps covering the body and a pair of black gloves and black and white boots.

How you rate this Fortnite skin?

Rating 3.3 / 5. Vote count: 4

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Skin Details


🪪 Skin name:  Dominator
🗂️ Type: Outfit
🟡 Rarity: UNCOMMON
🛍️ Battle Pass:
🛍️ Price (V-Bucks): 800
🗓️ Release Date: 2017-12-26
🗓️ Last Seen: 2023-11-25
🆔 ID: CID_041_Athena_Commando_F_District
Introduced in Chapter 1 - Season 1.
Part of the Storm Fusion set.

Item Shop History

Appearance in the Item ShopDays ago
November 25th, 2023 82 Days ago
October 25th, 2023 113 Days ago
September 21st, 2023 147 Days ago
June 28th, 2023 232 Days ago
May 10th, 2023 281 Days ago
March 27th, 2023 325 Days ago
December 29th, 2022 413 Days ago
December 28th, 2022 414 Days ago
December 27th, 2022 415 Days ago
November 8th, 2019 1560 Days ago
October 21st, 2019 1578 Days ago
April 8th, 2019 1774 Days ago
March 4th, 2019 1809 Days ago
January 26th, 2019 1846 Days ago
December 12th, 2018 1891 Days ago
November 19th, 2018 1914 Days ago
October 25th, 2018 1939 Days ago
August 9th, 2018 2016 Days ago
June 26th, 2018 2060 Days ago
May 19th, 2018 2098 Days ago
April 20th, 2018 2127 Days ago
April 1st, 2018 2146 Days ago
March 16th, 2018 2162 Days ago
February 7th, 2018 2199 Days ago
January 25th, 2018 2212 Days ago
January 18th, 2018 2219 Days ago
January 10th, 2018 2227 Days ago
January 8th, 2018 2229 Days ago
January 5th, 2018 2232 Days ago
December 26th, 2017 2242 Days ago

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