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July 22, 2019
Fate fortnite skin

Fate is a Legendary rarity Fortnite skin (Outfit). You can get it from the Item Shop. This skin is included in the Overseer set. This outfit was released on June 25, 2018.

Prepare to meet your fate.

Key features:

How to getItem Shop
Price2000 V-Bucks
Release dateJune 25, 2018
Last seen dateMay 8, 2019

Here we have collected Fortnite Wallpapers, PNG pictures, Appearance History & Coming back information.

Who is Fate?

Fate skin gameplay & overview

Fate is a legendary outfit for female avatars in Fortnite. The skin is visually attractive, dark and futuristic appearance. And at the same time opting for a classic and very popular look, this skin has a very nice combination of seeing colors such as black and silver-grey giving it a look that steals looks which you simply cannot ignore. This is a female version.

In its futuristic-looking torso, the silver color predominates with a black detail that starts from the neck elongating to the shoulders forming a kind of short shoulder pads. It gives it a pleasant visual touch and also traversing the whole central part of the torso, as well as the sides of the torso, It should be noted that from the torso stands out a beautiful piece of what appears to be a skirt or half layer that extends along the upper left extremity, returning up the upper extremities faithful to the general appearance of the costume contain in their final part an attractive black gloves adorned by straps that protrude with small buckles in their central part. The bullet part represented in its initial part by a futuristic-looking belt. And in the final part, black boots that reach the lower part of the knee also decorated with black straps that protrude.

This skin gains the appearance and aura that characterizes it by its head since it has a black hood with silver edges which gives it a dark and gloomy look but inside it, you can see a beautiful face with oriental features which adds to it a lot of Appeals.

This skin is extremely popular with players as it has a pretty “cool” or “cool” design, conveys a totally somber, dark and lethal feeling. This skin is the female version of the Fortnite Omen skin.

In short, the Destiny skin of Fortnite Battle Royale presents an extremely attractive design as it incorporates a kind of long costume with Black Hood in the pure killer style that reminds us of a lot of those costumes of Assasins Creed. In addition, it changes the features of the avatar for one with Asian traits which makes it very cool. In terms of colors and details, this skin presents a black and purple pattern with an asymmetrical design.

How to get Fate?

If you think about where to buy it, you can buy it in the store when it appears.

How much it worth?

Cost: 2000 V-Bucks.

How rare is Fate?

It’s Fortnite Legendary rarity skin.

Will Fate come back?

It can come back to the Item shop. So, check it regularly.


Official PNG pictures with a transparent background:


Click on the pictures to download Fate Wallpaper in high resolution.


Fate Gameplay video on YouTube:

Fortnite Fate skin gameplay video

How to draw Fate?

Here’s Fate drawing step by step:

Fate easy drawing

Overseer set

This skin included in the Overseer set. Below you can see a list of cosmetic items from this set:

Other cosmetic items will be added soon.

Item shop history

Here are the dates when Fate was last time in store:

  • Last seen: 08 May 2019
  • First seen: 24 Jun 2018
Previous return datesPrice
08 May 20192000 V-Bucks
29 Mar 20192000 V-Bucks
26 Feb 20192000 V-Bucks
17 Jan 20192000 V-Bucks
07 Jan 20192000 V-Bucks
21 Nov 20182000 V-Bucks
03 Oct 20182000 V-Bucks
28 Aug 20182000 V-Bucks
26 Jul 20182000 V-Bucks
24 Jun 20182000 V-Bucks



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