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The red menace of Anarchy Acres.


Fortnite Red Knight, the embodiment of medieval valor and unwavering loyalty within the Fortnite realm. Emerging as a figure of chivalry and honor, this skin captures the essence of a warrior who commands the battlefield with a resolute heart and a sense of timeless duty. Draped in armor that echoes the aesthetics of ancient knights, Red Knight’s presence is a testament to the fusion of historical heritage and indomitable courage. Her attire blends the textures of polished metal and intricate embellishments, creating an ensemble that resonates with the strength of a warrior’s spirit. From her imposing helmet to her meticulously crafted gauntlets, every element exudes an aura of steadfast dedication.

Behind the determined gaze of her visor, she holds the wisdom of ages and the fierce determination of a true defender. Her demeanor is both noble and resolute, a reminder that within every battle lies an opportunity to uphold the virtues of honor. When she steps onto the battlefield, it’s as if the echoes of centuries past accompany her, a symphony of medieval valor in every move. In her hand, she wields a weapon that mirrors her knightly origin, a manifestation of the unwavering loyalty and strength she embodies.

The weapon’s design fuses the aesthetics of ancient weaponry with the practicality of a weapon, ready to strike with the precision of a figure who understands the art of battle.

Red Knight’s skin is a canvas of noble dedication, a tribute to the timeless principles that have guided knights through the ages and continue to shape her actions. From the intricate engravings across her armor to the heraldic emblems that adorn her, every detail captures her connection to the code of chivalry she upholds. But also, Red Knight is more than just a warrior; she’s a symbol of the ideals that stand the test of time. Her presence on the battlefield is a reminder that even amidst battles, there’s a realm of virtue and honor waiting to be championed, a reminder that even in the most intense of conflicts, the principles of loyalty and courage can be a guiding light.

The Red Knight Fortnite skin is to embody the spirit of medieval valor, to channel the energy of chivalry and become a living embodiment of honor on the battlefield. With every swing of your knightly weapon, every step you take, you channel the timeless strength of a warrior’s heart. Red Knight is not just a skin; she’s a testament that even in the most challenging of times, the legacy of honor endures.

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Skin Details


🪪 Skin name:  Red Knight
🗂️ Type: Outfit
🛍️ Battle Pass:
🛍️ Price (V-Bucks): 2000
🗓️ Release Date: 2017-12-15
🗓️ Last Seen: 2023-08-17
🆔 ID: CID_034_Athena_Commando_F_Medieval
Introduced in Chapter 1 - Season 1.
Part of the Fort Knights set.

Item Shop History

Appearance in the Item ShopDays ago
August 17th, 2023 38 Days ago
July 14th, 2023 72 Days ago
June 5th, 2023 111 Days ago
April 29th, 2023 148 Days ago
March 28th, 2023 180 Days ago
February 22nd, 2023 214 Days ago
January 23rd, 2023 244 Days ago
January 22nd, 2023 245 Days ago
December 7th, 2022 291 Days ago
November 14th, 2022 314 Days ago
September 30th, 2022 359 Days ago
August 29th, 2022 391 Days ago
July 10th, 2022 441 Days ago
July 9th, 2022 442 Days ago
May 31st, 2022 481 Days ago
April 19th, 2022 523 Days ago
March 19th, 2022 554 Days ago
February 16th, 2022 585 Days ago
January 14th, 2022 618 Days ago
December 9th, 2021 654 Days ago
November 3rd, 2021 690 Days ago
October 1st, 2021 723 Days ago
August 31st, 2021 754 Days ago
July 31st, 2021 785 Days ago
June 29th, 2021 817 Days ago
May 26th, 2021 851 Days ago
April 26th, 2021 881 Days ago
March 26th, 2021 912 Days ago
February 23rd, 2021 943 Days ago
January 23rd, 2021 974 Days ago
December 24th, 2020 1004 Days ago
November 12th, 2020 1046 Days ago
October 10th, 2020 1079 Days ago
September 7th, 2020 1112 Days ago
August 3rd, 2020 1147 Days ago
June 30th, 2020 1181 Days ago
June 6th, 2020 1205 Days ago
May 6th, 2020 1236 Days ago
April 6th, 2020 1266 Days ago
March 2nd, 2020 1301 Days ago
January 30th, 2020 1333 Days ago
December 22nd, 2019 1372 Days ago
November 19th, 2019 1405 Days ago
October 2nd, 2019 1453 Days ago
August 15th, 2019 1501 Days ago
July 3rd, 2019 1544 Days ago
June 5th, 2019 1572 Days ago
May 7th, 2019 1601 Days ago
April 3rd, 2019 1635 Days ago
March 5th, 2019 1664 Days ago
January 24th, 2019 1704 Days ago
November 20th, 2018 1769 Days ago
October 17th, 2018 1803 Days ago
September 11th, 2018 1839 Days ago
August 9th, 2018 1872 Days ago
July 7th, 2018 1905 Days ago
July 6th, 2018 1906 Days ago
February 20th, 2018 2042 Days ago
February 19th, 2018 2043 Days ago
January 27th, 2018 2066 Days ago
January 26th, 2018 2067 Days ago
January 25th, 2018 2068 Days ago
December 16th, 2017 2108 Days ago
December 15th, 2017 2109 Days ago

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