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He's the best at every test.


Dummy Supreme strides into the vibrant world of Fortnite as a symbol of quirkiness, innovation, and the unexpected fusion of the ordinary with the extraordinary. This skin encapsulates the essence of a character who navigates the battlefield with a blend of playful eccentricity, limitless creativity, and a touch of surreal humor.

Cloaked in an outfit that defies traditional fashion norms and embraces the unorthodox, Dummy Supreme’s attire is a visual symphony of mismatched elements, bold patterns, and a disregard for convention. The fabric moves with a whimsical energy, adorned with peculiar motifs that reflect both their audacious style and their carefree spirit. Their attire fuses the mundane with the avant-garde, creating an ensemble that’s both eye-catching and puzzling.

Their face, partially obscured by oversized shades and an enigmatic smile, captures attention with an aura of oddity and an air of unconventional charm. Their eyes, sparkling with a mischievous glint, mirror the irreverent energy they bring to every interaction and the fearless approach they embody. With a nonchalant expression, they survey the Fortnite landscape, a guardian of quirkiness and a beacon of unapologetic individuality.

In one hand, they carry an eclectic assortment of propsβ€”a rubber chicken, a rubber duck, or perhaps even a toaster. These items are emblematic of their ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

As they traverse the Fortnite terrain, their movements are a dance of carefree charisma and the unpredictable flair of a true maverick, a reflection of their mastery over both the unconventional and the unexpectedly delightful. Their emotes mirror their multifaceted persona, shifting between moments of lighthearted antics and displays of eccentric brilliance.

Choose Dummy Supreme as your Fortnite persona and embrace the essence of quirky innovation and carefree creativity. Traverse the battlefield with a heart that resonates with the unconventional and the fearless embrace of the unexpected. Whether you’re leaving foes puzzled or simply embodying the essence of audacious flair, Dummy Supreme embodies the spirit of a character who’s both a guardian of eccentricity and a symbol of unapologetic uniqueness within the Fortnite universe.

How you rate this Fortnite skin?

Rating 5 / 5. Vote count: 4

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Skin Details


πŸͺͺ Skin name:  Dummy Supreme
πŸ—‚οΈ Type: Outfit
🟑 Rarity: UNCOMMON
πŸ›οΈ Battle Pass:
πŸ›οΈ Price (V-Bucks): 800
πŸ—“οΈ Release Date: 2022-11-10
πŸ—“οΈ Last Seen: 2022-11-16
πŸ†” ID: Character_Dummy_FNCS
Introduced in Chapter 3 - Season 4.
Part of the FNCS set.

Item Shop History

Appearance in the Item ShopDays ago
November 16th, 2022 518 Days ago
November 15th, 2022 519 Days ago
November 14th, 2022 520 Days ago
November 13th, 2022 521 Days ago
November 12th, 2022 522 Days ago
November 11th, 2022 523 Days ago
November 10th, 2022 524 Days ago

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