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Celebrate the competition, savor the victory.


The embodiment of unwavering valor – the Fortnite Major Glory skin. This isn’t just a skin; it’s a fusion of heroic strength, indomitable courage, and the commanding energy of a legendary leader. The Major Glory skin isn’t just a representation; it’s an embodiment of heroic virtue and the spirit of noble leadership.

Draped in an ensemble that seamlessly blends military precision with a touch of inspirational flair, the Major Glory skin exudes an aura of commanding authority. Its attire is a symphony of decorated uniforms, distinguished accessories, and a resolute presence that captures the essence of a battle-hardened warrior who leads with honor. The color palette speaks of valor and the unwavering resolve of a true leader, a world where every step is a stride toward victory.

The true essence of this skin is the gallant aura that accompanies Major Glory. This aura isn’t just a facade; it’s a reflection of your connection to heroism, allowing you to navigate the battlefield with a sense of duty and embody the spirit of a true leader. Each determined manifestation is a testament to your ability to rally your allies and inspire them to greatness.

But the Major Glory skin isn’t just about appearances; it’s about embracing the power of leadership. Its emotes and animations are a dance of authoritative movements and rallying gestures, whether you’re orchestrating a victory pose with a commanding stance or summoning the energy of heroism with an inspiring motion. This skin is a reminder that your victories aren’t just about eliminations; they’re about infusing the battlegrounds with the spirit of noble leadership.

As you navigate the Fortnite realm, the Major Glory skin isn’t just a representation; it’s a testament to the spirit of heroic brilliance. Every engagement becomes a battle for honor, a pursuit of victory where every move is a step toward leading your team to triumph.

In a world where battles are won not only with weapons but with the power of leadership, the Fortnite Major Glory skin rises as the emblem of noble excellence. Embrace the spirit of valor, embody the power of commanding charm, and make every match a celebration of heroic beauty that’s as unforgettable as it is inspiring.

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Skin Details


🪪 Skin name:  Major Glory
🗂️ Type: Outfit
🟡 Rarity: UNCOMMON
🛍️ Battle Pass:
🛍️ Price (V-Bucks): 800
🗓️ Release Date: 2021-09-02
🗓️ Last Seen: 2021-09-06
🆔 ID: CID_A_196_Athena_Commando_F_FNCSGreen
Introduced in Chapter 2 - Season 7.
Part of the FNCS set.

Item Shop History

Appearance in the Item ShopDays ago
September 6th, 2021 947 Days ago
September 5th, 2021 948 Days ago
September 4th, 2021 949 Days ago
September 3rd, 2021 950 Days ago
September 2nd, 2021 951 Days ago

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